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Our Brand Story

Skin Fairy was founded in 2017, with the philosophy that healthy skin begins with Exceptional Skincare


I did extensive research, as I saw that there was a lot of myths and ignorance when it came to skincare and who should be using what and where you should get it from.

Starting to establish a feel for our identity and positioning in the market, we started to evolve.


Selling to customers online and at work, korean based skincare from reputable brands that shared similar values as I did.


The Aztec Clay was our best seller.

White Silk

Our Missions and Values

  • To be a Trusted Source for all things Skincare and Body Care, providing solution based products islandwide.

  • To be featured in hotels, Boutique Hotels, Air BnBs across the island and Caribbean.

  • To be a go-to for all skin/body care gift-giving needs.

  • To build a community on reliability and professional information, becoming a trusted source when it comes on to skincare.

  • To encourage and empower individuals through fostering rituals of self-care and self-love and cheering them on their skincare journey.

  • Effective.

  • Long Lasting Results.

  • Luxury Feel and Appeal.

  • Feature powerful plant-extracts, high-performance actives, vitamins, minerals and other skin nutrients.

  • All natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

  • Results should be healthy, beautiful glowing skin.


My name is Tiffany Serena

The name Skin Fairy was inspired from my grandma who used to call me her fairy. It was like a Ah-ha moment, where you're like whoa, the name just comes to life. Also, it made sense as it fit my personality because I was obsessed with the mythical and fantasy. I was the girl that was into Winx Club and Tinkerbell and my favorite character was Flora

(garden fairy)

I am the founder of Skin Fairy Ja. I am passionate about creating natural and science-based skincare products because I believe that nature provides us with the most effective and safe ingredients for improving the health and appearance of our skin.

I am also committed to using only the highest quality, scientifically-backed ingredients in my products. I believe that people have the right to know exactly what they are putting on their skin, and to make informed choices about their skincare routine. That's why I am always researching and staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the field, and why I am open and transparent about the ingredients and benefits of my products.

I am passionate about creating natural and science-based skincare products because I believe that they have the power to nourish and transform the health and appearance of our skin, while also being kind to the planet. So, I hope you will join me on this journey and try Skin Fairy Ja products for yourself.



My name is Janine Sade

As the CFO and Co-Owner of Skin fairy ja, my vision is to create a financially successful and sustainable brand that is centered around the needs and desires of our customers. I believe that by putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, we will be able to build a strong and loyal following, and create a brand that stands the test of time.

To achieve this vision, we will:

  • Continuously research and source the highest quality, natural, and scientifically-backed ingredients to use in our products.

  • Foster a culture of transparency and honesty in everything we do, from our ingredient sourcing to our marketing and customer service.

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with our customers, and continuously gather and analyze feedback to inform our product development and business decisions.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the skincare industry, and be a thought leader in the field of natural and science-backed skincare.

  • Foster a sense of community and connection with our customers, and be a source of education and support for their skincare needs.

As an hardworking and ambitious young woman, I am committed to aligning my goals and values with those of Skin Fairy Ja, and to creating a brand that is truly customer-focused and successful.

Image by Drew Beamer
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